Earthdayplans As Creating Living Parks


Earthdayplans As Creating Living Parks

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We at Earthdayplans as Creating Living Parks are searching for individuals and even grant writers, who are passionate about the planet that they live on. Since creation, the wildlife and plants around us have been God’s gift to man.

We feel that it is our duty as human beings, to care for and restore the glory of the earth. We can preserve the beauty around us by taking the time to plant fruit tree seeds. Where the fruit trees grow, the earth will flourish, and the surrounding wildlife and environment will also benefit. Our responsibility should not be limited to our neighborhoods or cities. All people of the world should benefit from increased tree planting, and other ecological techniques, such as recycling and conservation.

Along with the feeling of personal satisfaction, you can receive added benefits. If you join us in our fight to save the earth, you will have access to a quarter of the profits to which the harvested fruit will produce. So let us, at EaCLP, be your partner in protecting the environment, working with mother-earth, producing billions of jobs, supporting local wildlife, and planting fruit trees worldwide.

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